How long must we sing this song…?

A lot of cool posts about n810 can be read on planet maemo these days.

I just discover that the device can be bought in France and in England. I just wonder when it will be avaiable also here in Italy.

Note: the device can be purchased without the possibility to use the discount code. so I have to ask the same question that my friend maddler asked on his blog: How long must we sing this song…?

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2 Responses to How long must we sing this song…?

  1. martino says:

    giskard smettila!! sei ridicolo!!
    scrivimi una mail scemo
    sono tino
    un abbraccio stritolante…..

  2. kortatub says:

    Basta Torte sui blogs più attivi nell’ home di noblogs:
    * annalist
    * giskard
    * piazzagrazianopredielis
    * Femminismo a Sud
    * Leipzig
    * The-stobados
    * atelierbetty
    * beirut
    così è eccessivo!

    Manca solo nero…

    se aggiungiamo anche rozzoblu però potrei tacere la mia indignazione :D…


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