new metacity package

hey guys, 

here in italy are 3.02 a.m and i’m still drunk (as my friend XX said:"i have a problem with alcol.. i like it") , but i made a good thing for all the crazy guys who run experimental, i’ve build latest metacity (the GNOME window manager).

The cool thing of version 2.21.5 (experimetal) is that it is build with the composition manager enabled by default.

all my changes are in the debian pkg-gnome svn, but i’m not sure if i should upload it right now, so feel free to take it on my home on people

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7 Responses to new metacity package

  1. Steko says:

    Pare proprio che funzioni tutto bene… più birra per tutti i DD!

  2. Steko says:

    Pare proprio che funzioni tutto bene… più birra per tutti i DD!

  3. nero says:

    ti posto dal telefono per dirti che sei uno sfigato!

  4. dade says:

    hey ma tu sei il giskard che andava al casiraghi??

  5. Jack Malmostoso says:

    I have brutally built amd64 packages this way:

    1) apt-get source metacity (from unstable)
    2) Download the metacity 2.21.5 tarball from
    3) copy the debian/ directory from the debian source package to the vanilla metacity directory
    4) delete debian/patches and change debian/changelog to update the version number (only the first line)
    5) dpkg-checkbuilddeps
    6) debuild -us -uc -b
    7) dpkg -i libmetacity* metacity*

    If everything has gone fine, go to apps–>metacity–>general in gconf-editor and tick the compositing manager.

    Tested and working on an nvidia card, running with the proprietary driver and on my intel based laptop, running the intel driver.

    Now, if only we could have an expose’-like behavior…

  6. Julien says:


    Not sure if we should trust binary packages built by a drunk guy 😉

    Would you please make the sources available in your home as well? This would allow people running other archs eg amd64 to build the package themselves (without having to deal with the different commits which might have been done in the meantime on the SVN repository)

    Thanks for your hard work

  7. Thomas says:

    hurrah, awesome! thanks for getting it together so soon.

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