Finally today i received my n810. thank  you nokia fo giving me this chance. i will write a complete review tonight.

this post has been written with the n810 of course…

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3 Responses to N81O

  1. giskard says:

    hoope i’ve fixed all bugs

  2. Ismael says:

    At first sight, I thought “N18o”? (ie: N+18 letters+o ala I18N), then I read again and got “N81o” (and was wondering what could possibly be so long!)… At last I read the rest and understood 🙂

    BTW: Your comment system is not intuitive. How do I see what other people have commented? Also, it’s a bit annoying to have all the text in Italian.

  3. non sono vasco says:

    te lo rubo, so dove abiti.

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