news about me

It’s a long time that i think to resign from Debian/Ubuntu. In fact i stopped the active development years ago.
I kept on following people and development in general, but i dind’t produce anything new/cool.
The strange thing is that everytime i changed work one of my primary assigment was port all custom
software needed at installation time from stupid_install.script to common useful debian package.
I don’t even know why i never fill an ITP, and/or find someone who want care about $package and give
my work to him (or maybe share it in a public place). i’m definetly lazy.
This time was the same. Changed job in october and (as said before) i had to create some
custom debian package.
So now that the Cascaad is out i can give away some of my debian related work.
If you care about:
feel free to contanct me at giskard _ at _ OR giskard _at_ .
i will be happy to give to you my debian/ and discuss where you can improve the package.
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