Beryl packages for Ubuntu


Sorry Seb, i know i’ve promised you to take a look on gnome-power-manager bugs, but i’m lazy and i preferred to package Beryl. Next week, i promise, i will try to fix/close some g-p-m bugs.

I tried to officially package some parts of the Beryl suite. At the moment only the packages listed below:

  • beryl-core : which provides binary + some libs
  • beryl-manager: the manager (tray applications tool to launch beryl, start different wm…)
  • beryl-plugins: which provides cake, biscuits and a coffee cup πŸ˜‰ (and sometimes plugins)
  • beryl-settings: gui configuration tool to configure beryl
  • beryl-settings-bindings: bindings to configure beryl plugins and the composite window manager. (it needs more work, patch(s) are welcome)
  • emerald: the window decorator.

All packages can be found here

(btw, i always hope in a ” ” (web)service for put this kind of stuff)

Packages were built with pbuilder in a Debian enviroment, i know that this is not so good, but my ubuntu desktop died unexpectly (i should stop recycle old hw), and at the moment i don’t have money for buy another one so i can’t do a proper test on ubuntu (i will re-build all packages on a ubuntu chroot ASAP) πŸ™

Comments / patchs / suggestions are welcome: please send me a mail to giskard_at_ubuntu._dot_com with [BERYL-UBUNTU] as subject.

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4 Responses to Beryl packages for Ubuntu

  1. giskard says:

    thank you, fixed πŸ™‚

  2. Dear giskard,

    I’m afraid you forgot to put the prefix “http://” at the beginning of the link’s address and it points to this very page itself. The link’s address is now

    and should be

    instead (I tried this address and it works).

    Thanks for your nice work πŸ˜‰


  3. giskard says:

    i made some modification:
    – doesnt’ install emerald/beryl as default window-decorator/window-manager
    – adjusted build-dep

  4. Ryan says:

    How do these packages compare to those at:

    deb feisty main

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